At 260 Roofing, our estimates are a cut above the rest. We believe in accuracy and transparency, which is why we provide you with a satellite measurement report for precise measurements. Unlike other companies, we also disclose our labor costs and profit markup, giving you full pricing transparency. With each estimate, you’ll find the number of “roofing squares,” the type and quantity of materials, their prices, and the cost of labor. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with an accurate and transparent estimate. Get in touch with Fort Wayne, Indiana’s premier roofers today for your free estimate.

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260 Roofing LLC creates roofing estimates a little different than other roofing companies. Our estimates are based on accuracy and pricing transparency. With each roofing estimate you will receive a satellite measurement report so you know the exact measurements being used to create your estimate. We also show you our labor costs and profit markup. We offer full pricing transparency.

The foundation of all estimates are created based on the number of “roofing squares”. The number of roofing squares is needed to determine the quantity of roofing materials for your project. A “roofing square” is 100 square feet so a 2,000 square foot roof is 20 “roofing squares”. Roofing materials account for approximately 50% to 60% of the project costs. This is why you need to know the number of roofing squares.

Each estimate you receive should show the number of “roofing squares”, the type of materials, the quantity of materials, the price of materials, and the cost of labor. If a company won’t include the number of roofing squares on your estimate and all project costs, then you aren’t receiving an accurate and transparent estimate.

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